• Hi Folks

    I'm playing with the XLOOKUP function at the moment but have run into a problem. If I just use two nested XLOOKUP's it works fine, but as soon as I enter a third XLOOKUP I get a #VALUE error

    Can someone give me some guidance and help please?? I've attached a sample so that you can see where I'm going wrong

    Thank you.

    Kind regards



  • Explain what you are trying to achieve.

    Ali :)

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  • Hi Ali.

    It's good to hear from you, thank you for responding.

    The idea is to look at the date in cell M4 and match that to row D1:I1, look at the Criteria in Cell L10 and match that to column C4:C34, also look at the Version number in cell N9 and match that row D2:I2, then return the value from D4:I34.

    In the example the result in Cell N10 should be: 565

    I hope this helps, (and makes sense...)

    Kind regards


  • Maybe?


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