Help with SImple Word keyword Search VBA

  • I'm somewhat familiar with Excel VBA, but my stab at a button-based Word macro didn't go so well (tried the macro record, no joy).

    I have a multipage Word document that's meant to cover basic instructions/details for a novice to take over my duties as the network administrator for our HOA's online dashboard/portal tied to a well-known EV charging station manufacturer. I would like to include a simple button-based VBA sub that allows the user to seach for a keyword of choice, similar to entering Ctrl-F in a normal Word document. It doesn't have to "float" but it would okay if it does. Looking for just a simple box with a prompt to enter a keyword to search for. It should stop at each instance, starting from the top, and continue through last with an Enter or a mouse-click. A message announcing no more hits were found would be nice. Highlighting of each instance would be nice, but not essential. I won't embarass myself by posting what code I tried. Any help would be greatly appreciated . . .

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