Increasing the Column Input Range on VBA Macro where Data is to be transposed into rows

  • I am a bit green when it comes to VBA, however, I have a piece of working code where the first two columns on a spreadsheet (Column A: Firm Name and Column B: Name of Item) are being used to transpose the name of items for each firm into a single row. I would like to increase the selected data to three columns, which would include the firm's email address. Please could someone advise on the change needed to the VBA code below.

    Thanks for your anticipated help.

    Current Code Example:

    Data table

    Firm NameName of Item
    Firm AItem A
    Firm BItem B
    Firm BItem C

    Macro Results

    Firm Name Name of item 1Name of item 2
    Firm A Item A
    Firm B Item BItem C

    Requested Code Example:

    Data Table:

    Firm Nameemail addressName of Item
    Firm A[email protected]Item A
    Firm B [email protected]Item B
    Firm B[email protected]Item C

    Expected Results

    Firm Nameemail addressName of item 1Name of item 2
    Firm A[email protected]Item A
    Firm B[email protected]Item Btem C
  • Try:

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