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  • Hi,

    Using formulae and Name Manager I am able to display one picture based on the content on one cell.

    However, this does not help as I am looking into populating a table (few to several rows, this may vary) with pictures based on the content of [@[Reference]], thus allowing several rows to be populated independently based on user input.

    The pictures could be either:

    -in a folder located on C accessible via a path.
    -located in the same workbook if it would be easier.

    The present setup consists of:

    (1) one worksheet with two columns, Column A is the reference code and Column B is the picture inside a resized cell

    (2) one worksheet with a table where the references are identified in each row via Data Validation List and another Column where we would want to see the corresponding picture(s)

    Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.

    Again we are open to suggestions and are flexible with the setup.

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    If you have the shiniest, newest, most up-to-datest version of 365 then it now includes an IMAGE() function to directly place an image in a cell. Other then that it'll be VBA which fires on a cell change (in your Col A) to insert and size an image in B...

    (Lazy option, so no code in case you do use 365 - your profile doesn't mention version).

  • Good afternoon,
    For some reason, this info does not show up, yet it was filled up.
    Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
    =IMAGE() I gave it a go but discovered that similar to PBI it only works with OneDrive personal, as OneDriive Business does not allow embedding.
    Will further try with our NAS solution, as I suspect it should work.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

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