adding columns with empty value without getting error message

  • On the Input worksheet, you can enter yes or no to determine whether that information is shown on the output sheet i.e. if put NO for sales 1 then on the output sheet cell a34 will not be shown.

    Problem is for example in cell a34, there is no value put in for the last part of the formula (just double quotes). If I keep it like this then the adding up returns an error in Output A40, as it is adding up a no value. I could put a 0 in the double quotes of Output Sheet Cell A34, which would add it up correctly but leave me with a 0 on the sheet. IS there anyway I can hide this 0 which I don’t want or add it up correctly without giving me error messages (I’m sure there is some complex function I could put in that adds up the ones needed when there is no value in some of the cells.)

    Hope this makes sense. Thanks for you help.

  • In cell A40 on sheet output


    then, holding down Ctrl+Shift and press Enter to get out of formula bar

    It will give the formula bracket { } arutomatically.

    or simply


    hope it works

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