Countif/Sum Product

  • Hi...I guess im not really sure what my question is so im going to throw out my information and hopefully some one can help solve my problem!

    On my attached sheet you will see that my data is laid out pretty basically. At the end of each section (this is just one section there are 5 more) there is the results. In the OOS column her i need it to asses how many X's there are and times it by 2. (Simple got that nailed) The the next column here i need a sum product formula which takes the number in the cell and multiplies it by the number in the header row above it. I get the sumproduct but when there are X's in that row it doesnt read them and my results dont come up correctly which affects my third column which is a combination if statement that adds time weight based on the date of the entry.

    So what im needed i think is a solution (I am open to changing/adding any and all of my formulas) to my X situation. Im not really sure where to go from here. Ive tried a bunch of different tricks and back road ideas but nothing seems to be working.


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    seems to be working OK
    ROW 14
    G14 =1 header = 7 so 7
    H14 =1 header =10 so 10 = 10+7 = 17
    N14 = X an so i R14 that would be 1x2 = 2

    S14 = sumproduct - 10x1 + 7x1 = 17 then + R14 =2 =19

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    @ etaf

    Op has the solution that wants here..…-countif-sum-product.html


    Fotis :hammerhe:

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