PDF to word

  • I'm trying to find software that can convert a PDF file to word. I've looked and have found nothing.... Any body have any ideas?


  • Hi,

    Regret that pdf stores picture data not character data. The only way to do this would be to convert the picture back to characters. This is in essence what OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software does.

    Personally I've not heard of this being done directly from file format to file format but it might not be as impossible as I first thought. I would suggest you search around OCR as opposed to PDF and see what's out on the web.


  • John thanks for the response I've been doing some research and found this webpage and was curious if it might work or just a scam. Thanks Bill


  • Hi Billy,

    Nope, I'd say that was exactly what you are looking for. Specifically "PDF Converter 2". Now what you have to think is . . . hang on, some company has worked out how to do it . . . surely some individual will have done the same and will post it somewhere on the net for free!!

    Unless of course $50 is okay.


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