Create multiple appointments from active sheet

  • hello,

    I am trying to create multiple appointment items in outlook based on the activesheet in excel. I created this same format when creating task items in outlook and all tasks were created. When i run this code, only the last object is created as an appointment in outlook. Is there soemthign i am missing?

    Am i missing something in between the objects?

    Thank you for the help! This is my first post... I always reference to this website for my questions and usually there is an answer to be found.. but i couldnt find anything exact so i joined and am excited to be involved in these forums.

  • Re: Create multiple appointments from active sheet

    THANK YOU CYTOP.. i cant believe it was that simple. I have been staring at this thing fr the past day and clearly was going cross-eyed.

    Thank you

  • Re: Create multiple appointments from active sheet

    Not sure if i should create a new thread or if i can ask in here because it is based ont he same code above.. but is there a way for the code to not create the appointments if the appointment times have already passed?

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