freezing a single cell

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    The RED super total is where I would like to keep the running total from colunm F. The cell has a simple function =sum(f2:f10000). Now if I have to scroll all the way to row 5000 to start entering data I will not see the red super total. If I enter data into row 5000 say and the part number is 22 for example. I can then scroll all the way to the top and see the the super total is working. I would have calculated the sum and printed the number in cell G2. If I have to scroll down to row 5000 to start entering data, I don't want to have to go to the top again to see the super total. I know I could put the number in the first row and freeze that part and it would work that way. But lets say I wanted to have the super total in G3 or even G4 or G5. Can I have the whole colunm G not move. Or better yet can I freeze cell G5 so it won't move when I scroll down a few pages. also the way this sheet works right now is if I add some data, say part number 22 at the end and then do a simple ascending sort. My RED super total will move with the sort and I don't want it to move. I hope I am clear enough for someone to figure out what I want it to do. I have done a few searches and have not found anything with exactly what I'm looking for. I ddi post a different message a few days ago and I got everything cleared up with in 24 hours. I must thank you people who know a bit about excel. Thanks for your great work.

  • CVA,

    How about a simple msgbox sub attached to a custom button that shows the contents of the Super Total cell?

    Sub SuperTotal()
        MsgBox [G2].Value, , "Super Total"
    End Sub

    If I've been helpful, let me know. If I haven't, let me know that too. 

  • Other solution

    Select the range
    Choose Edit - Copy
    Holding down Shift key and choose Edit - Paste Picture Link

    Then you can move the linked picture on the top row and freeze pane.


  • Thanks guys. I think If I just put the function in the first row, and freeze, that should be just what I need. I see there may not be a way to freeze a single cell. Thing is it I put a header like super total in row 1 and the put the function in row 2, i have then defeated what I'm trying to do. If I do it this way then whan I go to sort the first colunm then the super total in row 2 will move accroding to the sort and will have a different dollar value. So I think if I use colunm G to put the words super total and then in colunm H I will put the formula, then freeze the pane. This should hold the currency in the first row and as I scroll down it will stay visible. Thganks again guys for your suggestions but this method serves my just as well.
    Thanks a bunch.

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