Attaching a Macro to a specific action

  • I have data in an excel database. Logical if statements on a seperate hidden protected sheet are used to perform certain calculations on this data no matter how it is sorted or arranged. One problem that is occuring is that users are frequently deleting whole rows from the database and this causes an REF error in the logical calculations. I would like to fix the problem while retaining the ability to delete whole rows. Is there away to attach a macro that automatically selects the top formula and propogates down to the delete row action. (ie when the user deletes a row the numbers on the hidden sheet are automatically re-calculated.) Thanks

  • This solution works ok. However in my example the user only has one visible page with which to work with. data is taken from the database on this page calculations are then performed on a hidden page, many aspects of which I dont want users to change and then the results of the calculations are displayed on the origninal page. The user will see error messages but will have no idea that they must exit then renter the page to correct these errors.

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