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  • HI! I'm trying to create a project timeline in an ongoing database. The attached file has 2 tabs, data and summary.

    The "data" tab has project phases going across columns and project manager names going down rows.

    The "summary" tab has the timeline info as to who is doing what phase in which month.

    I'm having a hard time getting it right. I thought pivot table would help but can't get all the data on the pivot table.

    In "summary" tab cell $c$3 is a formula which I wrote which does the job right as the result in that cell is 1. But I need help when the result is more than 1 like in $g$4 of the "summary" tab.

    Have a project deadline, any help will be appreciated.



  • Hello,

    I'm not sure what the problem is I've checked your file: c3 results 1 and g4 results 2, that's correct I think....
    What's wrong with your method?

    Do you want for example: 1 programming in ... and PM is ... and 1 programming in ... and PM is ...? (You want detailed information)

    If this is the case I think you better use some Vba code instead of a formule.


  • Gollem:

    Well, I want the results in G4 to be descriptive as they are in C4, in terms of stating the phase and the name of the project manager. I don't know which formula to use when the result is >1, so that it can describe both in detail.

    ANy help will be appreciated..


  • To The OZ MVP's..guys I really need your help on this....

    Maybe It cane be done by a Pivot table but I need some guidance on this one..


    Kavir Fotedar

  • I arrived at a limited form of the results you want using the following code

    I have short cut the finding and allocating months and phases but maybe there is something you can use.

  • Robert:

    I tried, but it does not seem to work...maybe as I am not aware of which sheet to put the code in? maybe in a separate module? (am using excel 2000)

    Thanks for your help.


  • Yes I suppose that was a vital bit of info. Start the macro in the cell above the first date on the Summary sheet. 2 other things, name/rename the Kickoff column in Data "Kickoff" ; I also changed some of the dates in the Data!Kickoff column to Jun-04 so the macro returned more than 1 PM.
    As I said I have put some hard code into the macro and it applies only to Jun-04, but I it can be generalised and stuck inside a Do Loop.


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