Excel opens into VisB

  • Im having Proplems with excel xp. Its been working fine and then the other day I start Excel and it pops me straight into VB. If I cancel out of the debug It takes me back to the normal workbook view, but if I try to open a file it send me into the debug mode in VB. Ive uninstalled and then reinstalled and the problem went away for the last 3 days. Today its back. Any ideas???


  • Ok upon starting Excel it jumps into the VB editing window and has a pop up window
    titled: Microsoft Visual Basic
    A big yellow Exclamation sign
    and Compile error
    Cant find project or library

  • When you get this error;

    "Cant find project or library"

    in your VBE, click on tools>references and you will see the references that you can check. You should see MISSING:reference, uncheck the reference that is missing if you are not using it and that should take care of the problem. You will sometimes get this if you are using a Office Reference like word 8.0 or 9.0 and then move the file to another computer with a different version.

  • When I go to Tools the References option is grayed out.

    This is a new machine with a new install and both Office Service Packs. No Macros or other extra things have been added or changed. On my second machine with the exact same setup I have not yet had this Problem.

    Its really got me buggered thanks for your continued help

    Ill try and get some screen shots later today

  • Before clicking on Tools>References make sure you you break (stop the code), in the VBE click on the blue square (reset) or click Run>Reset. References should no longer be grayed out.

  • Before even checking your references
    Take btadams advice and check your Addins.
    It is more then likely you have a rogue addin loading up that is giveing you the reference Error.

    Select > Tools > Addins
    Look for any selected Addins = Tick mark

    easiest is to deselect ALL

    Close App, then Reopen and see what happens....if you get the same THEN

    You may have it in your Personal workbook....

  • Ok thanks for all your help esp. bnix
    I stoped the debugger and found the MISSING refernce. The only problem I have now is that after I uncheck the reference I can use excel just fine. But the next time I start excel it still goes into the VB and I have to uncheck it. Is there a way to fix this.

    (The missing reference is from uninstalled software)


  • Try Unchecking the reference and saving as a different workbook, and see if that will work. Although, it should not be rechecked if you save it, it could be a template in which case would account for that happening.



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