Complicated OR statement

  • I have a cell sheet 1 that has a validation dropdown box with 3 separate options. My option are "AT", "BT","MT" I'm now trying to link this cell to sheet2 but I need to spell out AT - After Taxes
    BT - before taxes MT - monthly Taxes

    Any Ideas on how I can link it to another sheet and also spell out?
    I can easily link the cell but not spell out. I've been trying ot use an or statement but am failing miserably.


  • No or needed.

    I put my cell with the data validation in cell "C1" here is the formula you need

    =IF(Sheet1!C1="AT", "After Taxes",IF(Sheet1!C1="BT","BeforeTaxes",IF(Sheet1!C1="MT","Monthly Taxes","")))

  • I'm confused as to where you are trying to spell the acronyms out. If it is in the cell with data validation, then I don't think Excel will let you do it, since the data validation prevents that. ALso, what is the link to sheet2 doing?

    I think we need a bit more data to be able to help.

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