If Function problem

  • Alright soi im trying to make an if function that will check two columns and change a price depending on what in that column and id like it to function for both cloumns.

    What i tried was =if(k6="EUR",j6*V28,j6,if(h6="EUR",g6*v28,g6)) v28 is the exchange rate and columns J and G are prices and H and K are currency labels. Im not familiar with &'s / ors but i think that might help because the one i made isnt working.

    Please help!

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    "=if(k6="EUR",j6*V28,j6,if(h6="EUR",g6*v28,g6)) "

    write down the logice in prose

    if k6="EUR that cell is equal to J6*v28
    if not that cell is J6
    the if condition is complete and over
    what do you want to say.
    think again and resolve

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    Ok so i got something to work and am using two formulas for the separate columns H/K and J/G but if there is someway to consoloidate these rfunction into one that works that would be awesome to know.


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    ok let us rephrase it
    if k6="eur" AND H6="eur" then what? is it
    if not what is it

    again is it AND or OR.

    are they two different formulas.

    rephrase in words instead of formlas and then you yourself will get a solution.

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    see the replly from
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    Re: If Function problem
    Are you a robot you dont seem to comprehending this very well and your answer seems automated.
    Is it necessary to be offensisve to those who try to help that to for free oharges

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    Ozgrid forums isa place where everyone can gather to post questions , help others and connect with like-minded people in a safe and welcoming environment. In order to make that happen everyone adheres to certain guidlines.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but no one is entitled to attack others for helping, or not helping. If you can't communicate without using combative, aggressive, or demeaning language, then please keep those comments to yourself.
    venkat1926 is an experinced hand and exceller here to help in his own time!

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    the problem with combine the two fucnction is that the logic conflicts
    it is a robot logic and combining your two statements

    does not work because when K6="JPY" and H6="JPY"the answer cannot be both J6*$V$30 and G6*$V$30

    so which one will take precedent

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