consolidate data from multiple excel files into single file

  • Dear Friends,

    Can someone help me with below? How can I modify below code to consolidate 8 data files into 1 file using a similar setup as "SplitRpt" .
    Please help me in this context since I am incompetent in VBA programming. [Blocked Image:]

    "SplitRpt" Sheet Content

    AVG PKG SC70 _SC70

    Suggesting setup as below :
    Every cust has one folder each with its own data. Need to consolidate all 8 cust excel sheet into 1 sheet by maintaining the existing folders and data for each cust. Which means every cust folder will still have separate cust data but under each folder will also have an additional sheet of the consolidated version.How can I modify the above code to achieve this?

    SGC _ST
    SGG _ST
    SGF _ST
    SGS _ST
    SGT _ST
    SGE _ST
    SGU _ST
    SGR _ST

    Thank you in advance.

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