Using the 'IF' function

  • Can someone please help me?

    I have Excell 2000 with Windows XP.

    I want to have an 'IF' function, where one of the possible outcomes is strikethrough, whereas the other possible outcome is not.

    I have tried referencing one of the possible outcomes as another cell, which I have formatted as 'strikethrough', but now realise that the formatting of the referenced cell does not affect it.

    Is there any way I can do this?

    Thanks for your help,


  • Hi Ben

    Welcome to the Board

    You will need to use a conditional formatting.

    Cell A1 = ABC (Normal)
    Cell B2 = XYZ (Strikethrough)
    Cell C3 = <amount&gt;
    Cell C4 = "=IF(C3<5000,A1,B2)"

    Now in C4
    Format -&gt; Conditional Formatting -&gt;
    Select : Formula is : =C1>=5000

    Press Enter

    Any formula will bring only the value and not the formatting. So we need to replicate the formatting by giveing condition.

    Post back if you need any further help

  • Fredrik,

    Your comment was very valid any way,
    Even I have given a wild guess....
    hope it strikes.

    Ben, Just to guide you as this is your first post, please be a bit more elaborate and help us to help you :flower:

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