Last Data Entered Reference

  • I'm trying to reference the bottom-most non-blank cell in a column (or a range of cells). Any ideas?

    Picture this: 52 rows for 52 weeks. I enter data into the corresponding row once a week. I need to automatically reference the latest data entered into certain columns spanning the week's (row) information. I need to reference the lowest cell in a column that has data in it.


  • Please forgive my ignorance here.

    I'm not sure how to do coding - I don't know if I have that capability. Is there any way to do it with a formula?

    Thanks again,

  • If all rows are filled in from 1 to the row representing the current week and there is no data below the current week and you want the last value for column B, the this should work:


    If my assumptions are wrong, this formula can usually be adjusted to handle them. Post back if this seems to be going in the right direction but is incomplete and I'll try to help.

  • Hi,

    if the data in col.B rows 2 to 53 with heading in row 1

    holding down Ctrl+Shift keys and press Enter to get out of the formula bar

    will return the value in the "bottom-most non-blank cell" within the range.


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