Return value in adjacent column for nth occurrence

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  • I'll let you know up front that I'm completely new to this and may be prone to stupid errors. What I'm trying to do is search one column for the nth occurrence of a specific item, then report the value of the adjacent cell. The example I'm using is a fantasy football draft. I want to report the first selection made by one owner in a column bearing his name. Below that, I want to return the second selection, then the third, and so on.


    In the table to the left, I have a list of draft picks in the order they occur. I want the table to the right to populate with the draft pick each player makes in the order he makes that pick. I want the program to recognize the first time "Aaron" appears in Column C, then take the corresponding value in Column D and report it in the first cell under "Aaron" in Column G. Then the second time needs to be reported in the second cell under his name and so on.

    I've tried to use a number of different Excel functions, but I don't think I really understand the syntax and am failing to get Excel (or Google Spreadsheet) to understand what I'm requesting.

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    Quote from Robert Mika;682658

    Confirm Contrl+Shift+enter Drag down and accross

    Thank you. That works perfectly for cell G1, but I can't seem to copy down. Control+Shift+Enter doesn't work (at least not on this laptop, which is a Mac) and I haven't been able to find another way to enter it as an array formula. When I drag down, everything below G1 is blank. When I drag across, everything says "Peterson"

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    worked for me on excel 2007/windows 7.

    Just use the fillhandle and doubleclick.

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    Hey this is very similar to what I was looking for. But how would I change the formulae if the values to be matched which in this case ere row G,H I were instead listed in one single column. Such as G1 ,G2 ,G3

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