Extracting 2nd Word from cell

  • If I have a list of addresses how do I extract the street name.

    23 john street
    1 Happy street
    567 Jacobson street
    34 Sunshine street
    22 Alfredington street

    I've tried some =MID(A1, FIND(" ", A1, 1), FIND(" ",A1, FIND(" ",A1)+1)-FIND(" ", A1, 1))
    but for some reason it keeps stuffing up after a few cells and can't figure out why.

    Thank-you :)

  • Re: Extracting 2nd Word from cell




    Fotis :hammerhe:

    [SIZE=4]. [/SIZE]Array(CSE) { }, formulae are confirmed with CONTROL+SHIFT+ENTER.

    [SIZE=4]. [/SIZE]-Replace commas ( , ) with semicolons ( ; )-or vice versa in formulae, if your locale setting demands.

    [SIZE=4].[/SIZE]--Don't attach a screenshot--Just attach your Excel file!

    [SIZE=4].[/SIZE]--[SIZE=3]KISS[/SIZE]([SIZE=2]Keep it simple Stupid[/SIZE])

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