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  • Hi Guys,

    I need a simple formula or a macro, which simply counts down to zero once I enter the Days:Hours or Hours:Minutes (if less than 1 day).

    For example, I enter 4 days and the cell has a countdown timer going as 3 days 23 Hours (no need for minutes its above one day). So if below 1 day, then the countdown should appear as 23 Hours 59 Minutes and so on. Once the timer runs to zero, "Done" message should appear on that cell.

    The thing is I need multiple timers to run under Column I, so the formula/macro should not be limited to one timer.

    Please help!!!

    My post on Excel Fox more than a week ago:…down-timer-in-excel-1422/

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    I am not clear about your question. See the attachment will help.

    Create an helper column (H - in attachment) and apply the formula in K. The workbook has code in the change_event of the sheet1.

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
        If Target.Column <> 9 Then Exit Sub
        If IsEmpty(Target.Value) Then
            Target.Offset(0, 1).Value = Now() + Target.Value
        End If
    End Sub



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    Ok let me try to explain it in aonther way.
    I have a list of tasks with deadlines associated with it. Follwoing is the details of the columns in the worksheet.

    Coulmn A - Task
    Column B - Days
    Column C - Hours
    Column D - Minutes

    Now, based on the numbers I enter in Column B, C & D, the timer should run in column E.
    For example, Col B - 6, Col C - 11, Then in Col E - 6 Days 10 Hours 59 Minutes should appear (counting down until zero)
    If only, Col C & D are mentioned, then Col E should show X Hours Y Minutes and so on.

    Once the countdown reaches zero, Col E should show "Done"

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    Quote from cytop;684084

    Have you looked in the 'Possible Answers' section below...?

    I did!!

    But nothing matches my requirements. Please help!

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