Random Draw

  • I am trying to figure out how to do the following in excel:

    I am doing a spreadsheet for the sport of team roping where you have a header and heeler. People come and enter and then randomly draw 3 partners. I will have about 200 people enter, x amount of headers in column b and x amount of heelers in coloumn c. (most likely there will be more headers then heelers that will need to be randomly paired, so heelers may have to be paired more times then heelers, and there will not be the same number in column b and c)

    So, column b and c need will randomly need to be paired with one another.

    I need to know also if there is a way i can put in a formula so that the same names do not double pair up. for example: stacey and brittany are not paired up more then once. Also, i need to make sure stacey does not rope back to back, column b row 2, column b row 3 column b row 4 etc.

    Any help of suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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