Creating child-rows that can be expanded

  • I have a simple "Todo" Excel sheet. Each row is a task. I want to be able to add sub-rows to a row, which represents sub-tasks that have to be completed to complete the parent task. How do I do this?

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    Can you give an example of what types of tasks/sub-tasks you want done?

    Here's my take on what I think you're asking. Task 1 (highlighted cell) in the attachment can be renamed and is set up as a group. There is a formula to the right of the yellow cell (in B1), that, when all the tasks have 'done' (without ') written beside them in cells C2:C6, it shows the task as being completed and it can be hidden by clicking the + button to the left of the group. It's an IF formula that uses AND to make sure all sub tasks show 'done' before calling the complete task done.

    Hope this is the direction you're looking. If not, let me know and I'll see about adjusting.

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    Thanks, that's great. However I don't want to be limited to just 2 levels, I would like to be able to add sub-sub-tasks and sub-sub-sub-tasks etc. And in some cases, no subs at all, just the main task. Is this possible? Perhaps the best option would be to simply stop trying to use Excel for this type of thing and instead go for a task manager or project manager tool of some sort.

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    You aren't limited to what I've done. You can group as many sets together as you'd like. See example. You'd just need to add rows for each level where you needed more subtasks. If this isn't what you're looking for, can you make a dummy sheet that shows what is is supposed to look like, and we can try to get there.

    EDIT: The yellow cells beside each subtask are what need to be changed to done to show complete for all tasks.


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