searching for partially matching cells in the same column

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  • Hi
    I woild request someone to please help ne out once again in excel . What I am trying to achieve in excel by way of a formulae is to try and match cells in the same column which are partially same for a particular category mentioned in the corresponding cells.So lets assume I have 2 columns , col A and col B. Col A has categories such as 1, 2, 3and each categpry has 8 -10 entries. Now I need to check the cells in col B for each of these categories for partial or exact match.So col B may have entries like this; cell B1 may contain terms like apple +banana+mango and B3 may contain entries like apple+grapes+oranges. Both these cells may pertain to the same category say category 1. In that case excel should give me true.Even if any one word matches it should give me true.


  • Re: searching for partially matching cells in the same column

    Hi its been 4 days and no one has replied .I would request somone yo please help me out as I need this for a lot of work that I am currently doing.

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