ActiveDocument.Fields.Update on Content Control exit not updating REF fields

  • Hi there,

    I am trying to do something relatively simple.
    Using Word I am creating a form that can take some information at the top (in a table at present but table is unimportant) - such as Client Name, Client Phone Number, etc - which I want to put into places further on in the form.
    I want to use content control as this way i can export the field's as an .xml file later on, which will be used by another system.

    At present I am doing the following:

    • A table at the top of the form has content control boxes to collect data.
    • Each Content Control box is bookmarked as a whole.
    • Using the Cross-Reference function in the body of the text I call the bookmarks ( {REF} ) which should call the content of the content control boxes at the top.
    • In VBE for the document there is a Private Sub:

    Private Sub Document_ContentControlOnExit(ByVal ContentControl As ContentControl, Cancel As Boolean)
    End Sub

    • The form is protected for form filling, but when information is entered into any of the boxes the REF fields do not update.

    When I tried this at home on Word 2007 it worked beautifully, but here at work we use Word 2010 and for some reason what I am trying does not work.

    I have tried making these REF's be hyperlinks & not. I have played with macro security. I have used RTF content control boxes, plain text content control boxes, and Date Picker content control boxes.

    I am sure there is something simple that I'm missing.

    Please help

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