Conditional Formatting

  • I have a spreadsheet where I want to use conditional formatting.

    I want to mark cells as follows:
    If "Hours Worked" is between 0-11.59 hrs - No fill
    If "Hours Worked" is between 12-14.59 hrs - Amber
    If "Hours Worked" is between 15 hrs and above - Red

    I can almost get it to work except when time is between 1:59 - 4:59 - then it still fills it in red

    Can anyone help? What am I doing wrong?



  • Re: Conditional Formatting

    Try changing to "using formulas" and applying these:

    =AND(H1<>"",H1*24>=12,H1*24<15) - Amber

    =AND(H1<>"",H1*24>=15) - Red

    Where there is a will there are many ways. Finding one that works for you is the challenge!

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