Dynamic cell reference in Sparkline Excel

  • Hello! I have an excel file where on the Summary tab I have fund names, some general info, and this is where I want to insert Sparkline for each fund. The underlying data for the sparkline is on Data sheet: fund names and the return series. I tried to insert sparklines on the Data Sheet, say in row 2; and then I tried Hlookup it from the Summary sheet using the Fund Name, but I just get zero in my cell. So it looks like I cannot display sparkline by referencing existing sparkline from another cell. I also tried displaying the address of return series for each fund in Summary sheet, say in column C, and then using it as a source range for the sparkline, say C5, but it did not work as well. No error, but I just get the blank cell. Named range does not work as well as the data range for the sparkline depends on the fund name, and the named ranges are fixed. Does anyone know how to overcome these problems? Otherwise, it seems like I need to move my return series to the Summary tab.

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