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  • Alright so i did a vlookup and have a long list of numbers in cloumn A and the results of the vlookup in column B, Some of the values in column B say "#N/A"
    I want to return the value in cloumn A if Column B says "#N/A" and if it doesnt say NA i want the cell to remain blank.

    I tried =if(B1="#N/A",A1) this still returns an #N/A and i dont know how to proceed.

    Further more id like to get rid of those blanks between the numbers if at all possible but i can do this manually if there is no easy way to do it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    i want the if separate from the vlookup in column C im not looking to change the NA in cloumn B rather have cell A returned in Cell C when B is NA

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    =IF(ISERROR(B1),IF(ISERR(B1), "", A1),"")

    #N/A in a cell indicates that an error value is in the cell, B1="#N/A" tests for a particular text value in the cell.
    ISERROR returns TRUE for any error value, ISERR returns TRUE for any error value except #N/A

    Also = is a comparison operator for numbers, text or logical values, not error values. Using it to test an error value will create its own error.

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    One more thing, say i were to copy the values to another sheet where there are only the returned numbers but theres like 6000 cells with varying sized gaps between each value is there any easy way to delete all the blank cells inbetween those values?

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