fix calculation error in worksheet

  • Someone at my accounting department had an issue, and asked me to help. If needed I can make a dummy worksheet, but I hope what I'm describing will make sense.

    I have sales for an entire component, that is split into 20 locations within that component.
    We show sales and taxes on those sales for the entire component, and then for each location.

    The disparity comes when the taxes for each location do not add up to the total taxes for the component. It is off by a few cents at this point, but they want to make sure they are accurate.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Re: fix calculation error in worksheet

    Hi Rowddawg

    In order to get rid of the rounding difference, you will need to amend the formula in all the "tax" cells to be

    =ROUND(your formula here, 2) in order to round to two decimal places.

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