VBA Userform Search/ display in Listbox problem

  • Hello,

    I have created a piece of code in a userform that will search my specific worksheet and return all the results based on one combobox(cboFunction). The problem i am having is that it is only returning the data that is populated in Column A. I would like the listbox to return all the data in the row based on the search criteria (matching cboFunction's value). Is there something i am missing?

    I have pieced this code togetehr from bits and pieces of other searches i have made int he past. But i have been stuck on this issue for the past 4 days and cannot wrap my head around it. Im not particularly fluent in VBA ( i have learned by piecing bits and pieces together over the years).

    Any help would be appreciated!!

    I cannot upload my document due to work restrictions, but there is currently 10 columns of data for each row of data.

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