Identify and number Patterns

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    A person on this board did this for me with this so far and I need to be able to view more than 16 rows. I would like to view all the rows it finds. I have 62,000 rows on information this far and will exceed 500,000 so you can see my need to see all involved to save hours of sifting through data. I would also like a place up top near the box (column G.H)(3,4,5) another box for me to enter a new number combination to search. Presently I have to go through the data to find the first one which is also time consuming. I would like to be able to put say for example in the area I am mentioning:

    2 6

    2 8

    Please forgive me in advance that I am a newbie with excel and permanently disabled and at times have problems with my memory and paralysis but I promise I will get this eventually. If someone can help me this will speed up my process substantially and help me physically too. being disabled makes most task difficult and some folks on here are so helpful and a lot smarter than I with excel. Thanks in advance

    I have posted this on here also and still need some help please…a-mining.html#post3459666

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    ... and followed your rules

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    If you open the attached you will see a group of numbers in two rows. I'm trying to get a listing where all the same group of numbers are displayed (what row they are in). You can click on the button , then hilite say rows 2,3,4,5,6 2nd and 3rd column then enter. It will display 14 locations that the similar pattern is in. I need to view ALL the rows they are in not just 14. Also, it would be nice to be able to click on say "next" and it goes to the next location I will has around 500,000 rows when it's all said and done. I have to look at all these locations to gather sole statistics Hope that makes sense.

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    Quote from StephenR;690196

    I'm not sure I follow what you are trying to do. Can you indicate some expected results?

    Jindon did a fantastic job creating this sheet and it does exactly what I want BUT, I would like to see more than 14 rows of information to go view. It places a box around all of them but I have to scroll down to find the others past 14. When I have these sheets full it will be a nightmare to have to go through row by row

    I would also like a spot (box) to place 2 to 7 numbers that I will be searching for. Basically a place to put a set of numbers to go find


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    Maybe this..

    I made it add a "x" in a dummy column next to each Match.. and using FindNext and a MsgBox.. you can go down the Range and Select each Match..

    Just press the big blue button and highlight your values as you do now.. then.. after the MsgBox shows you the Matches.. press the "Next" button that is in the top row.. and press "Yes" in the resulting MsgBox if you want to continue to the next Match.

    The "x"'s in the 'dummy' column are cleared after each search..

    Hope that helps..

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    This is wonderful!! THANK YOU!!! Is it possible to give me a box to place the numbers in? If you look at column C , I have to go through line by line to find the first set of numbers I am seeking which takes time. I would love to be able to net to the present button put my own new numbers in that I am looking for. Then ..... do what I normally do to search for them. Does this make sense?

    Right now there is this in the box: I would like to able to change these digit s to whatever I like and search for the new set. I will need at least 7 digits (rows) in each column J and K even though sometimes I will only be searching 2 rows

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    Hi larbec,
    Use a Filter on the columns would be the quickest and best way to show the result in one window.
    This is also a method you can sustain

    my take on the code to loop the first two two column values in the boardered area

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    Woah ... Lol. I'm a newbie in excel VB I have no clue lol BUT want to learn so so so bad. Can you PLEASE give me step by step instructions where to place this code and what I need to do? I have excel 2010. I know enough to be dangerous lol. Thank you so so so very much for your valuable time

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    If you are just starting to learn vba I highly recommend that you Watch the training videos tutorials in the link at the top of this page.( it explains how to add code and where)
    In the interim you are better off using the filter (how to in the training videos) in two columns to get your desired result.
    To explain jindons code would be to confusing to you if you don't have the basics or even a intermediate level of knowledge of vba.
    Only way to learn is to develop your own code that we can help with. Filter is the way to go also watch how to record macros. Other than the advice To use a filter and watch the videos I cant help you in this thread

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    @ Pike,

    I agree with our statement/ However, I am using the filters now and it takes forever. I am learning the VBA and very informative so far. I was only asking for now where to place the code so I can start using it Thanks for the reply

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    Thanks Pike, I am out for the evening with my wife and will check this out tonight. Thank you so much for your time and help. I REALLY do appreciate this

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    Hi larbec,
    This code is from a recorded macro. Add some very basic house keeping and the code becomes...

    This way all the results are filtered in one sheet

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