Identify and number Patterns

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    Hi larbec,
    For more columns E and F see the code below

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    When I add the code it only works 3 cells and it wipes out one complete cell and makes it have only 3 columns. I also notied that it finds any and all the numbers I place in a line to look at. What I mean is, if i want to find the following


    it will bring up

    what I need is the entire block of cells. ALL as a group

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    Hi larbec,

    try ..

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    Almost there Pike, It shows only 1 4 digit number at a time and I need to be able to find them in a group of numbers up to say 8 rows. If I put in the following numbers in rows 5 through 8 it only finds one set of numbers at a time ie 2568 or 1467. I need it to find them all in that exact order as displayed


    Is there a way to have it stop at the next set of numbers like the 1st one you did for me? You are simply a genius Pike!!!!! making my job easier that's for sure

    Here is a short video on how it looks and what I am looking for

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    I understand but I can't view all of them and once. Is it possible to view all of them at once? I hit okay there gone It's only allowing me to view maybe 20 sets if rows. The last MACRO you wrote like this (kinda) stops in the run and allows me see all of them one at a time even though it may bring up 15 or so in gray box as a list This one groups all of them yes but I can't view all of them. It is finding all the numbers but separately I was hoping to view them as a whole group plus as explained I can't view them all because I can't scroll down unless I hit ok and then there gone

    Were you able to view the short video i uploaded? That explains what I'm talking bout. Be safe on your trip and once again thank you so very much for your help

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    I will give it a look at Pike, thanks for allowing me to take a shot at it and your right, I can not learn having someone else doing it. BTW, I made the video not private, that was my first attempt at the video too LOL

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    So sorry Pike , this is over my head but will read up and try a few things but I really do not even know what command to use. I want to group together the auto filter field 1,2,3 and 4 I think

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    Okay, I've been working on this for hours and tried several things but when I try to save them or run it licks up on me or won't key me save it. I've tried this below and failed. I do not know what to call what I'm trying to do and my classes at the Jr College do not start till next semester. I am trying )-:

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    there is plenty of good notes in the vba help
    in the module highlight "AutoFilter" and click the F1 Function button
    The limitation will be with the loop .. and a break in the code to to change the data ..VBA doesnt work that way.

    Just watched your Video you would like to find the Pattern , of four numbers across the row/columns, so you can edit the next five rows?

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    I would like to find as example all these in one search. So I would place all these numbers in the rows 1-7. click on the search button and it find all the different places that these are. But, it has to allow me to stop the scan and be able to look at the rest through out the 500,000 rows. Currently as you saw in the video, I can not scroll down nor does it find the entire group of numbers, it only finds one number at a time. I am still Reading up on the VBA's and THANK YOU!!!


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    Hi larbec
    have a look at the workbook
    all you need is a simple search sub

    Sub simple_search()
        Cells.Find(What:=Range("B3").Value & "^" & Range("C3").Value & "^" & Range("D3").Value & "^" & Range("E3").Value, After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:= _
            xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False _
            , SearchFormat:=False).Activate
    End Sub

    and a worksheet formula
    some where in the sheet

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    I tried adding the &B14&"^"&C14&"^"&D14&"^"&E14 coupled with the =B9&"^"&C9&"^"&D9&"^"&E9 &N15 and that did not do it. I also tried to add additional code without any luck. I understand what this is doing bt how would I add an "and" statement so to speak or am I heading in the wrong direction?

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