Combo Box for UserForm - Excel Mac 2011

  • Hi everyone,

    I have an existing userform that I programmed with all labels and text boxes. I want to change a few of the text boxes to pull-down menus with finite possible options, but I cannot find a way to program combo or list boxes to do this. The boxes will be simple -- one will have "Yes" and 'No" as an option and one will have "High" "Medium" and "Low" as options.

    I already have the command buttons for Enter, Clear, and Close programmed . . . any help on how to add values to the combo box?

    Thank you,

  • Re: Combo Box for UserForm - Excel Mac 2011

    It should be as simple as:

    Me.Combobox1.List = Array("Yes", "No")

    in the Initialize event of the form for example. (on a Mac you can't use Rowsource)

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  • Re: Combo Box for UserForm - Excel Mac 2011

    PERFECT! Thanks a ton . . . I was in the right neighborhood but couldn't quite get it.

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