Inventory FIFO Costing

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    I'm hoping someone will be able to assist with simplying what has become a very complex and time consuming inventory management worksheet.
    Inventory is consumed on a first in first out basis. There are multi vendors with different pricing. At month end we need to cost usage at the correct purchase price.
    Purchases and usage are tracked. I also want to see the unit purchase price for every period (month) - to look for exceptions or spikes in unit costs. But again, I'm sure there must be way to highlight exceptions and review those, rather than look at lists of costs.
    Would also be useful to 'minimize' the history if you will - currently carrying 18 months.

    I'd like to post a worksheet which might give some insight into what we're trying to achieve and I'd be grateful if someone could take a look.
    I've whittled my file down to one SKU, but the file is still too large for upload 270kb? I tried deleting some data, but then it just blows up, so any tips on getting it smaller without losing integrity, would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance

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    Have you tried to maybe post a csv file of the data and then a sample workbook?

    Not sure but maybe a csv would allow you some more data?

    Or PM me and I can give you an email addy that you could send a workbook to.

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    Thanks so much for quick response.
    I've converted the file to csv, that made a huge difference and zipped it - doesn't allow a csv file upload.
    There are about 30 SKU's in the full workbook.
    Thanks again, looking forward to some help

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