VBA Help on Selecting sheets

  • Hi -

    I am having issue with a script that is only able to look at one sheet. When running on another sheet it will not run because it is only selecting a specific sheet. Is there a way to change the below code so it works on the active sheet vs searching for a specific sheet?

    One thing to note is that I copied the sheet SFU Chart to Chart #2 on a different tab and I want the script to run on that tab as well, but it won't run....

  • Re: VBA Help on Selecting sheets

    Your code tells it to work on the ActiveSheet after selecting the SFU Chart sheet. So remove the line

    Sheets("SFU Chart").Select
  • Re: VBA Help on Selecting sheets

    Hi Roy -

    It seems to be caused by the remnants of the SFU code here. I tried to delete those but it still isn't working... Is there another way to get this to work so that it reads the active sheet vs trying to find the SFU chart sheet?

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