Excel Pivot - subtotal on inner columns

  • Hi everyone/experts:

    Trying some pivot some data and now I am stuck. What I am trying to get is the distinct number of cost codes based on the budget codes. Please image file. Excel sample file is also attached.

    Basically, when I do a regular pivot, I can see it gives me the 'COUNT OF CODE CODE' = 4 in the summary section, but, that seems to give me the number of records per Cost Code which is not what is needed but rather I would see a distinct # of codes codes based on budget code, and to boot, the subtotal should be directly under the Cost Code column.

    Is that even possibly just using the pivot tools available in excel? If not, what is suggested to get the desired result?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


  • Re: Excel Pivot - subtotal on inner columns

    Thank you Herbds7! Based on your file, it would seem that, without coding eg vb and using just the basic pivot table tools, it doesn't look like it would be possible to get the distinct count of codes codes directly underneath the code code column then, well, I guess, an extra column is a good compromise since I don't know vb anyways :)

    Thanks you for help!

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