Show table headers row when scrolling down until end of table

  • Hi, i've been doing some research on the internet to check if this can be done with another feature different from freeze panes.

    What i want to achieve is to show the table headers row only when user scrolls down enough for it to dissappear. Freeze panes would be useful if there was no data previous to the table headers, but proofs to be useless otherwise, cause if you still want to keep this info visible you must sacrifice most of the screen and let only a small area for scrolling down.

    I want the worksheet to keep its normal appearance and only when i scroll down enough keep showing the top row with the headers.

    I know this is possible with tables in the latest versions of excel, although it only shows the headers in a single line (without the wrap text feature), so if the header is "longer" than the width of the column, the string is cut to its width (and thus, not showing the entire header string).

    Is there a way to achieve this? Let me know if you need further explanations, cause i am aware that its difficult to picture the idea just by reading its description (even more if the one giving the explanation is not a native english speaker, as myself).

    Thanks in advance!


    Alberto P.

  • Re: Show table headers row when scrolling down until end of table

    The only alternative I know is to use Split screen.. this is like Freeze panes, but gives you multiple separate scrollable screens, so you can adjust if/when necessary.

    Where there is a will there are many ways. Finding one that works for you is the challenge!

  • Re: Show table headers row when scrolling down until end of table

    Thanks for ur quick reply NBVC! I already considered that, but it is kind of a mess.. This excel document im working on its to be used by numerous users, and it has to be as simple as possible, working as similar to a web application as possible.. I was very surprised to learn there was no predefined feature in excel for this.. Seems like a pretty common and practical demanded-feature to me..

    But thanks again!

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