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  • Hi,

    I have bulk data and while copy and pasting data into new workbook using below code, it is creating xls file format and paste function failed. Currently I am working on Excel 2010 version.
    Please help how would I assign macro to create new workbook in xlsx format. Thanks in advance.

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    ...using below code

    What code...?

    Also, your comments that " is creating xls file format and paste function failed" are not related. XLS is the file format for some versions of Excel so your paste is failing for some other reason - your code is needed.

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    When ever I Create New workbook by Pressing "Control N" the file open and it is having 65536 rows only, means Excel 97-2003 version (xls type). And I want to copy & Paste from 30 different sheet which around 150000/- rows +, it is not possible that code will paste data and will fail when it arrived to 65536 rows level.

    What I want when my code create new file it should be having 1048576 rows, i.e. Excel 2010 version.
    Please help... Hopes this clarifies my requirement....

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    You need to specify the File Format when using saveas.

    Where do you add a workbook., that code only writes in the activeworkbook so if the sheets don't exist in the new workbook the code will fail.

    the code could do with a major overhaul as it looks to be recorded and does numerous unnecessary slections

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    So sorry, please find below is the correct code.
    After all 31 sheets consolidated in "RMIS" Sheet the data will be around 1500000 Plus. And due the new opening workbook is having only 65536 rows paste function is failed.

    Once again sorry for wrong code paste:

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