$25 complaints tracking sheet

  • Hi All

    i had a previous project here for a complaints tracking sheet where if you choose that a complaint is resolved the row is automatically copied to the resolved sheet and if it's still pending it's copied to the pending sheet, it was a basic sheet, this time it's a little more complex, it's not a normal table, it's an application form meaning that multiple rows have to be moved and copied to the resolved and pending sheet.

    i want it to do the following:-

    1- Move data from application form with a press of a button called Submit (next to it is a reset button that deletes all fields without moving data) and make that press to be conditional , when you choose resolved it moves all data to resolved sheet and when you choose pending it moves the data to pending sheet.

    2. i also want the submit button to generate a serial number starting with 1001 (resolved and pending sheet have to be connected, for example if you start with resolved and it's 1001 and the next complaint is pending and you submit it it's number is 1002) (i don't know if this is possible please tell me if i am too ambitious) :poly:

    3. in the complaint form sheet i want to lock the all cells and force user to type only in fields.

    4. Finally there is a search button on top of the form i want it to be used to seach for complaints, for example if you type 1001 and click search it shows you the row which has this number (use the easiest way possible for you i don't it to be a troublesome feature for you guys, as long as the row is shown in a simple way like a prompt or text based or whatever :cul:)

    10% is already paid :) ;)

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    I will have a go at this. Will report back in 2 hours.

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    Ok my friend,

    Take this for a test drive.

    I Added a Search Feature.
    I Programmed all the buttons you requested.
    I added a Serial Number feature

    I hope it is to your liking. The Main sheet is password protected. The password is "pass" without the quotes.

    I await your feedback :)forum.ozgrid.com/index.php?attachment/57864/

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    omg it's perfect :D :D, but there's tiny problem and it's my mistake that i didn't remind you sorry, date closed can only be used when a problem is resolved, i noticed that when i entered a date into it and pressed the submit button while choosing pending it moved the date to pending sheet where there is no 'date closed' column, isn't there like a rule where if you entered data into date closed and chose pending it wouldn't work and a prompt tells you there shouldn't be a date?
    also the first complaint i submitted started with 1002 not 1001 i don't know why, again thank you for quick reply i honestly didn't expect it to be done so quickly :D

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    Thank you man, last fix i promise and i'll be out of your hair :p , can you also force a rule where if date closed isn't entered and you choose resolved to show a message that you have to enter a date, it's the opposite of the previous rule, and the first complain is still 1002 and not 1001 :(

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    Payment received. Thank you!

    Have a great day :)


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    Hey man, there are a few problems :(

    1- There is a problem with the range in Pending sheet which i don't face in the resolved one and that is that the serial number doesn't go to the S/R coulmn after the first complaint

    2. in the locked cells in the complaint sheet there are 2 cells the are unlocked which arent part of the application form

    3. even if i enter the details correctly and the data is moved it keeps showing the please try again message.

    Thanks :)

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    Hello yegarboy i don't know if they can be called minor tweaks but i hope they are, after these fixes i will open a new request for a dynamic chart in the coming days :)

    1. i added a solution field in the application form and what i want is when i hit submit it goes to solution column in resolved sheet and of course an error message pops up when you select pending and type a solution.

    2. i was reluctant to make this request but i hope it's simple and not time consuming, in the pending sheet i added a column called change status which has a button called (resolved?) when you press it cuts the row and moves it to resolved sheet along with the serial number.

    Thank you for your patience

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    No worries,

    You will need to upload the workbook tho.

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    Thanks :)

    Now there are the following corrections:-

    1. i want the complaint sheet to be locked and focused on the fields only like before (i noticed there are two 1000s below the form lol)

    2. a resolved sheet can still be submitted even though there is no solution i want the solution to manadatory for a resolved complaint.

    3. i want all the forms to be mandatory i can still submit a complaint without an account number for example

    4. and finally the most important new feature a dynamic doughnut chart or pie in a newly created report sheet, what i want to do is show the percentages of complaint types from both sheets for example in resolved sheet there 5 type 1 complaints and 2 type 3
    and in the pending sheet there 5 type 2 and 2 type 1 for example , i want that graph to represent the percentages of types and be dynamic when you add a new complaint with type 3 it reflects on the chart

    Thank you :)

    UPDATE: Raised to 30$

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    Sorry for the wait.

    Here she is.


    I added all the things you requested. The Chart was very hard to make work the way you wanted. It is Dynamic and populates when the sheet is opened. If there is no data the chart stays empty. So add a bunch of data then check it out.

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    Your Inbox is full. I can not reply until you delete your messages. The last message you sent was blank.

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