Pivot table updating to linked workbooks

  • I have created a manual inventory system (Dept won't buy real inventory system) in excel.

    I have monthly sheets linked to the inventory items workbook. When new items are added (always) the monthly sheets display the new items.

    the pivot tables have been setup for each month.

    I would think that refresh updates all the links. I have even gone to Data > edit links and updated values.

    Problem -- the links are updated on the monthly sheets for all new items/values Perfect
    but the pivot table does not update the items/values. on refresh or edit links to these new items
    I have to re-create the pivot table for the items/values to be current.

    Since I have over 127 sites - the idea of re-creating the pivot tables each month for each site is impossible

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    Leslie Yambor
    Anne Arundel County Public Schools

  • Re: Pivot table updating to linked workbooks

    Not sure if files can help-too big to send and smaller versions breaks all the links

    Master inventory -links to all school files (Thousands of rows some blank to add new items - not entirely blank as to break the source data range)
    Monthly inventory - is a Base school linking to multiple schools that report to it
    (These sheets are thousands of rows)

    Pivot tables are reporting out the multiple school inventory totals

    source data does not change -- range is correct for pivot tables
    contents of the added inventory items display in the monthly sheet correctly

    Excel simply does not refresh the contents of these cells for calculations in the pivot table
    I understand the issue with pivots and adding/deleting rows/columns
    but if the pivot table is pointing to the right cells why not see the correct contents for calculation on refresh? or edit links update values?

    I tried to send files but links broke or file is too big

    Thank you

  • Re: Pivot table updating to linked workbooks

    Your attached file does not illustrate your problem.
    A text description of your problem is unlikely to reveal
    the mistakes you made in your spreadsheets.
    An effort to create a compact example that displays your problem
    will almost certainly provide an insight into your problem.
    MediaFire.com accepts MB size files.

  • Re: Pivot table updating to linked workbooks

    Afraid of that
    Thank you for your time
    I am familiar with PowerPivot and use it

    However these inventory files are in a SharePoint Library and our organization has not moved to supporting PowerPivot for SharePoint servers yet

    Leslie Yambor
    Anne Arundel County Public Schools

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