copy and paste using ctl short key?

  • How can I cut/copy and paste the 1st row to last row using the CTL function? My memory is not what it used to be. If I have rows say 1-500 columns 1-5 with data. I want to be able to cut that information and paste it on another sheet or another area


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    Do you want to do using VBA (macro) or just the range?
    Once you select the range press Ctrl+C, go to the other sheet or file and select the cell where the first field swill come and press Ctlr+V.
    With VBA you coul also record the macro while doing this and see how the code looks like after you stop recordding the macro and edit it to your further needs.

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    I just want range for now. I have a spread sheet that I need to take off a lot of data roughly 300,000 rows x 6 columns of data and replace it with new data from another sheet. I normally have to start at row and highlight columns ABCDEF and drag it down and pray I do not fall asleep LOL (it has happened LOL) I used to be able to do a function that would high light all the rows and columns but forgot how to do that

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    Or Ctrl-* to select the CurrentRange of a cell/range of cells.



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    And this:

    Sub SelectAll()
        Range(Selection, ActiveCell.SpecialCells(xlLastCell)).Select
    End Sub

    Will setelc all to the last filles row/column starting from cell A2

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