Dynamic Averageifs between multiple spreadsheets

  • Long time viewer, first time poster here and I am trying to make a rolling 3 month using an averageifs formula. I want this formula to be dynamic within multiple worksheets.

    Currently, I have 3 data tabs all built and formatted the same. In column C (C11-C20) I have the name of different sports. In D8:O8 I have the dates. I also have a summary tab that captures the basic detail. The way I have it set up, you can enter a date in C7 and a state name (name of the worksheet/tab) in C8 and the formula will pull the 3 month rolling average. The formula I currently have that seems to be pulling correctly is:


    I am trying to make my formula more dynamic - the averageifs formula right now is calculating based on what is in the corresponding row (i.e. basketball is row 11 on the summary tab and the data tabs). Since I am making a summary tab - I dont need to capture every single metric on my data tabs (i.e. what if basketball was in row 20). I believe I need to incorporate some sort of match function within my first indirect, but I havent had any luck.

    I realize the easiest way to do this is map the corresponding row to my formula, however please note that this is just dummy data. The file I am dealing with has 2000 rows on the data tab and I cant map each formula individually.

    I have attached a copy. Thanks in advance

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    copied down

    Where there is a will there are many ways. Finding one that works for you is the challenge!

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