Pivot Table by VBA - Show Month Totals

  • Hi All

    I'm not the greatest with Pivot Tables, so please bare with me lol.

    I have attached a workbook containing the data I am working with: forum.ozgrid.com/index.php?attachment/58393/

    This data is a dump of recieved emails from Outlook... Column A, is the "Entries" each row is a separate Entry, the Name "CMR Process" is just the subject of an email, which I get when an Entry is done.

    Column B is the date the entry is done.

    What I want to do is generate a Pivot Table (hopefully via VBA) that takes all this data and totals them by Entries per Month? So it just adds the number of rows that have dates within a month and then gives that number next to the Month in the Pivot table?

    The end result I am working towards is a Line Graph that displays, entries per month, and another one that displays average entries per day (per month) (average using NETWORKDAYS etc).

    Thanks in advance.


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