Borders Macro don't Line up

  • The attached file works with 3 Drawers and 3 Doors but if I use 2 Drawers and 2 Doors the Borders do not line up. I think the Drawers are right the Doors appears to be the problem.
    Same thing happens with 3 drawers and 4 Doors. It has and extra border on the right side. See Attachedozgrid cabinet error.xlsm Also I would like for the Measurments to be in the cell to the right of the left hand border and center across each of the sections.

    Change B3 and B4 to 2 then click draw. 3 and 3 work 3 and 4 don't but 4 and 4 does.??? See attachment

  • Re: Borders Macro don't Line up


    As this is a public forum, please share the solution / description of the problem.



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