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  • Hi,

    I have a worksheet with Columns A to Y and has filled rows upto 50,000 (maximum). I need a macro to perform the below steps:

    - Column P will be titled as "Age" and will have any number between 1 - 50,000. First step of the macro should be to keep numbers between 1 to 5 and delete the other rows (i.e, only keep rows which has number 1 to 5 in Column P)

    - Column R will be titled as "Notes" and will have lot of numbers/texts/symbols. Next step of the macro should be bring in a "Input Box" and ask the user to input a value (The user will input a date in the format 0118/0117/anything) - Based on the input, the macro should filter column R which begins with that input date/value and update "Yes" in Column X. Then Remove Filter.

    - Column O will be tiled as "NAV Impact" and will have numbers with 5 decimal points. Last step of the macro should be Filter column o which has a value greater than (or) equal to 0.005 and update "Impact" in Column Y. Then Remove Filter.

    Your assistance is much appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • Re: Filter based on Input

    Without a sample workbook with dummy data, all sensitive data removed it is very difficult to help you - if you select "Go Advanced" when you post you can attach a sample workbook.

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  • Re: Filter based on Input

    The following should get you started if you are still having problems. I think the middle problem is a big one as there seems to me to be too much free text entry. I have kept it simple.

    File attached to show workings.

    Take care


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