hard queston about vb

  • hi there

    today i have very hard question

    i doubt to find its answer

    anyway i ask but please if u know let me know too

    there is a workbook that located in local network lets call it "confirmation workbook"

    there is another workbook in same location named "refrence",and it contains id's and related datas to id's

    now i want to creat a userform1 in "confirmation workbook",that contain a textbox that i want to user enter an id number,and i want vb goes and searches that id datas in "reffrence workbook",and show related datas in userform1
    ,and soooo

    i want to enter a data for example"confirmed" in text box in userform1 below the information of that searched id,and that "confirmed" sentence enter and save in related id in "reffrence workbook"

    what a hard question!

    do u know how can i do it?

    every help will be appreciated and thanks in advance

  • Re: hard queston about vb

    Which version of Excel?

    How is the data laid out, if it's a table of data then you don't need VBA VLOOKUP works across workbooks without opening the data workbook

  • Re: hard queston about vb

    its excel workbook

    and normal excel data

    how i should change vlookup vb code?

    im using this now :

  • Re: hard queston about vb

    You cannot do that - you could open the workbook containing the worksheet via vba code.

    Dim wb As Workbook
    Dim ws As Worksheet
    Set wb = Workbooks.Open("C:\Temp\Book2.xlsx")
    Set ws = wb.Worksheets("Mainreport")
        If Me.TextBox51.Text <> "" Then

    However if the value does not exist on VLookUp you will get an error so you will need to use something like

    On Error Resume Next
    if err.Number<>0 then

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