vb message box

  • I have created a message box as below

    MsgBox("Continue further", vbYesNo + vbMsgBoxHelpButton)

    Here we get 3 buttons, Yes, No and Help.

    Now actually I do not want the help button, but the button mentioning "Information"
    So when you click on information you get the message showing what this action is going to do if you press Yes Button.
    I am not aware how the message also pops up if you select Information button.

    But when I write vbinformation, the Help button goes away.

  • Re: vb message box

    The information is not a button, it just illustrates what the messagebox is used for i.e. to give information. You appear to be asking a question so I would use the question icon

    Select Case MsgBox("message", vbYesNo Or vbQuestion Or vbDefaultButton1, "Title")
        Case vbYes
            MsgBox "Yo clicked Yes"
        Case vbNo
            MsgBox "You clicked no"
        End Select

    See Messageboxes

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