how to crate Login form in Excel

  • Hi to all

    i have store personal info in Excel, i want to share with few People only.

    For this i want to create login Use-form for excel open with Valid Name, Password.
    The login deatils will be inserting in hide sheet, with time also.
    Password will have make changes.

    Thanks for advance.

  • Re: how to crate Login form in Excel

    Just a few notes - Excel security is extremely poor - if you are storing very sensitive information then I would not recommend Excel as a potential solution for you. However...for the "average user" it would probably suffice. If all the information is stored within Excel, even if the sheet is hidden (or very hidden) and it is of a sensitive nature, then password protecting the workbook would be required. However the problem is Excel and security - to break the password is not difficult but as previously stated...for keeping out the average user it may suffice. It depends on how personal the information is that you intend to record within the document.
    As with any problem - consider if the tools are adequate for your requirements.

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  • Re: how to crate Login form in Excel

    Hi Smuzoen

    thanks for the Replay

    what you said is exactly correct, for improving my code knowledge in VBA am designing the user form.
    in the document have no Personal data, if any one break the file no problem for my self.
    because i want to improve my knowledge only.

    Thanks for advance.

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