Remove inside BORDERS in a Row if a Cell in that Row has a value.

  • Re: Remove inside BORDERS in a Row if a Cell in that Row has a value.


    The macro-recorder works for one given drawing with the exact borders, thus the recorded macro will not work.
    Another macro now adjust the cell width and height depending on the values in ROW 1 and Column "D"
    This makes it easy to adjust to any number of openings length and height.
    For example if J1 and K1 were blank, it would only make two openings and redraw two openings versus the three as displayed in the attachment.

    Thus the recorded macro for erasing the inside borders will not work since the macro uses fixed cell addresses.

    It needs to:
    Search Column "B" for "X", move to the right to Column "E"
    Since there isn't any values inside the drawings, I will put a "Z" , one cell to the right and one down to identify the last used COLUMN and ROW
    In drawing it would be "L7"

    It now knows the last COLUMN which is "L" back one which will be "K"
    The border will be for range E2.K2 for only the outside borders, no inside dividers.
    Then search for next "X" and stop at ROW 7 which was identified with the "Z" in "L7" as the last used cell.
    I am 70 and don't know much about the cyberspace, so if what I said did not make sense it's because I am still trying to learn that Binary (0,1) system they were teaching 20 years ago.
    Note: I forgot to put the "Z" in cell "L7"

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