Getting BuiltInDocumentProperties of Word Files To An Excel List

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    I have a bunch of MS Word documents in a certain directory and folder which I frequently update the documents and hence update some information on the BuiltInDocumentProperties values. I would like to collect these BuiltInDocumentProperties values to an excel list. With some googling and some coding experience, I have created the attached Workbook. When I debug my code and watch the code in the LOCALS window, it seems that I'm stucking in closing the opened word documents. The code works well while reading the *.docx files, however after the whole files have been finished, the code goes to the first file (which is previously processed already) and tries to read the same values from a document something like temporary, i.e. if the name of the file was: LB012_Water_Insulation.docx, the re-read name was: ~$012_Water_Insulation.docx. As a result of this the code generates the following error:


    Run-time error '5792':
    File seems corrupted

    My code resides in the Module1 of my attached MacroEnabledWorkbook.

    Any help is highly highly appreciated.

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