Run Another Macro

  • Hi,

    I have One Macro in one Sheet.

    I want to run that Macro from another Macro, please help me in code for this.

    Thanks & regards,
    Qaiyum Shaikh

  • Re: Run Another Macro

    Thanks, But my problem is that the code was placed in Particular Sheet VB Editor Wizard not in any module. Hence unable to run that macro.
    Please help.

  • Re: Run Another Macro

    Dear Stephen,

    Thanks for the information, I have created another macro where my problem was resolved with the code given by you.
    However I have different Issue that I am not able to find what is wrong because I am getting a Error "Sub or Function not defined"
    I am getting Error on below code in Error in "rangetoHTML"

    [/B][/COLOR].HTMLBody = "<HTML> <br> </br> </HTML>" & "<html><b>Hi,</b></html>" & "<HTML> <br> </br> </HTML>" _                & " <html><b> " _                & "Please find below summary on Cash Indent and Cash Received.</b></html>" _                & "<HTML> <br> </br> </HTML>" & "<html><b><u> If any discrepancies observed, " _                & "please highlight us for further investigations & rectifications. </b></u> </html>" & _                "<HTML> <br> </br> </HTML>" & rangetoHTML(rng) & "<HTML> <br> </br> </HTML>" & _                "<html><b>Thanks & Regards</b></html>" & "<HTML> <br> </br> </HTML>" & "<b> NCR Corporation (Cash Team) </b>"[COLOR=#3E3E3E][B]


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